The inaugural function of the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet of the Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions is held every year on the 11th of January in the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium. Bhagawan has always emphasized that active sports and upholding of the Indian Culture are essential parts of an Integral System of Education in Human Values. On this day every year, the Primary School, the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School and the three University campuses of Anantapur, Brindavan and Prasanthi Nilayam come together for an exhibition of events demonstrating a high degree of perfection, co-ordination and skill.



  1. In this year’s sports meet we had four items displayed in the hill view stadium as part of the morning programme on 11th Jan 2016. The prime objective of the students was to show what they have learnt at their Guru’s Lotus Feet, true vidya consists in unifying the powers of the body, mind and the spirit, and dedicating them to God. One of the presentations was,Thunderbirds. This breathtaking item consisted of yoga postures, gymnastics & acrobatics. Some of the various feats included mixing the Mexican Wave with “Sirshasana” and the ‘Sarvangasana”. It also had a feat where one acrobat was thrown and caught by two other acrobats after a summersault in the air. These stunts involved a lot of body control, and concentration of the mind. Such a sequence required the demonstrator to have a flexible, trim body, matching an agile mind, a testimony to their name ‘Thunderbirds”.
  2. Another presentation was Drums and Dragons dragons dancining to the beat of a bevy of drums. This was the year’s most colourful progeamme. The sight of ten dynamic drums beating lively tunes for five dragons representing the five elements moving about in the field held the spctators’ attention in thraldom. The students received their training from professionals from Singapore.        
  3. Then it was time for the Ladder Maniacs: It is often said, ‘no guts no glory’. This formed the crux of this event. The participants tried to do different movements balancing on ladders. The team of 40 odd boys showed grit and determination beyond comparison. It was a stunning performance in the comical Charlie Chaplin outfits. They even played volleyball and basketball while balancing on the ladder. Only a disciplined body will obey a mind reaching out to spiritual frontiers. Sai education does exactly that, preparing the youth to master their bodies and minds.
  4. WOW: WOW , Wizards of Wonder was an event comprising of a plethora of dances and formations, involving great imaginative skill. The unique feature of this event was that the formations were displayed using only the gloved hands of the participants. These ranged from simple words like Bharat and India to shapes of the Indian map and lord Ganesha. The dances included traditional as well as modern styles like the Jabbawockeez. An energetic and attractive event consisting of a mammoth number of 110 boys, was a centre of attraction for this year’s sportsmeet. Great educationist have pointed out that education at all levels should preserve and enhance a sense of wonder which is the mother of all inventions.      


Impressions from the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet 2016 


                   Drama on 12th January in mandir Entitled OUR LIVES YOUR MESSAGE


As part of the Sports and cultural meet, the schoolboys also put up a drama on the evening of 12th Jan 2016 in Kulwant Hall. The title of the drama is Our Lives, Your Message

Theme of the drama: Swami has always said “My life is My Message”, it is time that each one of us make “Our Lives His Message”. The story runs like this:

Sage Narada, the Devas and the Rishis gathered around Lord Vishnu to extol the many avatars He had taken to establish dharma on earth, and show to the humanity the right way to live. .However Lord Vishnu wonders if man is strong enough to journey on the path laid by Him , if he has the courage to fight the battles within himself and move along the path towards sakshatkar. That’s when Narada says that the decisive moment has arrived for one of his devotees on earth to clarify the Lord’s ‘doubt’. Then unfolds the journey of Satya Swaroop who learns to stand up for Truth and Justice, and in course of his struggles transforms a whole generation’s view of success in life.

Satya Swaroop an alumnus of Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, and the founder and the managing director of Life Line Pharma (LLP) – the country’s leading pharmaceutical company –He works with 3 other investors and 2 scientists from R& D to launch the medicine “Ephemerol” – a vitamin supplement drug for pregnant women.

At this point of time, Satya needs a physical sign from Swami to move on. There is no such indication and he is upset about it. A childhood friend of his father advises him to see in every paropakar (doing good to others) an embedded chamatkar (miracle). God manifests His presence in every good done to others.

48 hours before the launch of the drug, principal scientists from R& D reveal that there could possibly be certain side effects of this drug in the long term. Principal scientists also confirm that a mere 1% of the population may be affected. Investors however think that it is insignificant and compel Swaroop to go ahead with the launch. However Swaroop digs deep into his conscience and unearths the treasure of his master’s teachings which give him the strength to cancel the launch of this drug. When he gifts away the company to the other investors to compensate their financial loss as a result of the cancellation, they were stunned at

Satya’s tremendous commitment to follow the Master’s message, and a transformation of hearts sets in. They unanimously support Satya’s decision, and in turn LLP is held up by the global media as setting a rare standard of moral corporate responsibility. Thus the play justifies how the message of the Master should be the content of every student’s life.