Facilities have been provided to make for a complete and wholesome experience for the student not only in the academic sphere but also in the cultural, sports and spiritual spheres. They aim to enable the student to realize his full potential by encouraging his interests in these fields. Some of the prominent amenities at the school are: 


cs lab

Computer Lab

Equipped with the latest Pentium systems, the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the students to the latest technologies and skills in this field.


Chemistry Lab

"I hear, I forget,

I see, I remember

I do, I understand"


Chem LabThe function of the chemistry lab is to ensure technical and scientific support. to all the students. The lab is well equipped with modern day sophisticated apparatus. All infrastructure, equipment and chemicals are made alailable to the students. Some of the modern day equipment amde available to the students are polarimeter, conductivity meter, a vaccum pump for suction filtration and all borosilicate glassware. 


Physics Lab

Physics Lab

We have a highly sophisticated physics lab with ample equipment to perform experiments in various branches of physics, starting from mechanics, properties of matter, optics, electronics and optro electronics. It caters to all the requirements of CBSE till class 12. 


Bio Lab

Biology Lab

The school has a specious, well equipped and furnished laboratory. It has many digital, monocular and binocular microscopes. It has all the required apparatus, speciman jars, charts and various models that is required for a sound learning, 



Prayer Hall


Prayer Hall

The school has a large and elegant prayer hall befitting the educational philosophy of the school. It is the most sacred space of the school premises where daily prayers, meetings and co-curricular activities are organised.




The school boys have access to a modern gymnasium stocked with an assortment of body-building equipment to tone up their muscles and physique.




School Library

The in-house library with over 8000 books and a photocopying facility is an effective tool in the education process of the student. The collection of books ranges from academic to philosophy. The library also subscribes to selected weekly and monthly journals, magazines and newsletters, apart from the daily newspapers.



Music Room

Music Room

The school provides ample opportunities for students with an aptitude for music. Professional tutors and availability of different musical instruments help the budding musicians to pursue their interests with ease.




Audio-Visual Room

The school has a well-furnished and plush audio-visual set-up. It serves as a valuable educational aid and multimedia facility acting as a catalyst in not only creating interest but also in increasing understanding of the students in basic concepts of various disciplines.



Games And sports facilities

Games and Sports facilities

The games and sports amenities of the school range from courts for games like basketball, volleyball, football, shuttle, table tennis and the like to a full-fledged cricket stadium, indoor stadium and a gymnasium - all of international standards. The cricket ground, in fact, was the venue for an exhibition match between India XI and Rest of the World XI in year 1997. All the students are divided into four houses and inter-house competitions are held in all the games both for senior and junior students.